What is a Selmelier

'The selmelier is the salt the sommelier's wine', this is a part of the definition that provides us with the Selmelier Association founded by the expert Mark Bitterman. Seeing as it progresses and expands the dictionary to describe new concepts, let us remember that not long ago also talked of the pannier, the professional of a restaurant specializing in the qualities and the bread service.

What is a Selmelier

Because we know what is a Selmelier, an expert in sales that provides expertise and information to the guest, the chefs and all the gastronomic sector professionals who need to know the characteristics and qualities of each type of salt so that its use in the kitchen offers the best results.

Mark Bitterman has published a book entitled ' Eyewear: to manifesto on the world's most essential mineral, with recipes' (salt: a poster on the majority of the world, with recipes essential minerals), is a guide to more than 150 sales and half a hundred recipes where this versatile ingredient has its role to improve or exalt each bite. The author speaks of the history and the science of the production of salt and the characteristics of each, will undoubtedly be an interesting book to expand the culinary library.

We are all aware of the rise taking in gourmet gastronomy salts, but do we know how to include them in our recipes?, do we know exploited its qualities?, do we get to improve our dishes? According to the selmelier, salt provides much more than the salty taste, has textures, shades of flavor and leads to different sensations on the palate.

There are more humid salts, with greater or greater intensity, which creak, that is rolled back on the palate, with notes of mineral, marine, ahumadas… will be interesting to address the issue of the tasting of salt, first go to a wine tasting taught by a professional, and continue working on the issue, because we have an extensive catalog of salts in our market, from the Maldon salt that is so fashionable, to other flowers of salt as the Delta, the Cabo de Gata (there are many more), (but of these I have spoken on the blog), one of our favorite is the black salt of Hawaii, also red Alaea, rosa of the Himalaya…

In the end, discovered what is a selmelier, not has done more than wake up a little more our curiosity through the world of salts.

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